Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Creative Demon Zodiac II: Time-Sensitive/ Fire Signs!

Hello and welcome back to the Creative Demon Zodiac! Today we will be exploring Time Signs, also known Pants On Fire Signs. People governed by these houses are influenced by schedules, for better AND for worse. See if these signs sound familiar!

Procrastinatarius: Ah, Procrastinatarius! How deadly is the Internet to thee. Yes, those governed by this Demon sign often find themselves sucked into the vortex of information. Compulsively checking E-mail can derail this sign for hours. The Procrastinatarius is mentally agile and often has many interests. There simply are not enough hours in the day to satisfy this sign’s curiosities, and so he or she wastes time on, or reading the New York Times, watching youtube, or even reorganizing the sock drawer.
PROS: Procrastinatarii often find inspiration in unexpected sources. They also tend to be up on current events and have organized socks.
CONS: Their real work gets shafted.
MOTTO: I’ll do it right after I watch one more cute kitty video/ read this article about Snookie/ understand all aspects of the healthcare debate.

Urgenties: Urgenties secretly believe in doing things that are, well, Urgent. They spend time making doctor’s appointments, washing dishes, writing or freelancing “on assignment/ under deadline.” This sign is often populated by people who have found a way to use their art to make a living. Unfortunately, this art is not the work that uses their highest mind and greatest skill. It is the art that will sell, and that must be Completed At Once. Organized, intelligent, and often highly responsible, Urgenties find it difficult to separate things that are Time-Sensitive from those that are actually Important.
PROS: Urgenties are reliable, hardworking, and pay their bills on time.
CONS: Much of their hard work goes toward art that doesn’t really interest them.
MOTTO: Art finishes last.

Researchus: Researchus is a sign that lives in the Time-Sensitive Quadrant, but often crosses over to the Fear/ Water Quadrant. Researchus is creating something set in the past. Or the future. Or the present. It is science-based, or history-based, or fact-based. Whatever it is, it needs more RESEARCH! No stone can be left unturned, no memo unexamined, no Civil-War-Era bonnet uninspected. It’s all-important, and will someday be assimilated into the ULTIMATE PIECE OF WORK. But he or she will only get to the work later. Not now. Not while there’s still research to do.
PROS: Researchus believes in quality work, and is willing to work hard to create it.
CONS: The research gets done, but the art never does.
MOTTO: Just one more source!

Next week: Demon Zodiac Competition/ Air Signs!

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