Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Creative Demon Zodiac!

Hello, and welcome to the Creative Demon Zodiac! The Creative Demon Zodiac consists of twelve signs that govern the mysterious forces that exist to torment artists. All creative people—not just writers—are subject to these forces. But these forces are polar in nature, offering both positive aspects as well as negative ones. Over the course of the next several weeks, I will reveal all twelve signs as they fall under the categories of Fear, Avoidance, Competition, and Get Realism.

Creative Demon Zodiac FAQ:
How can I determine my primary Demon Sign?
First, determine the date and time of your birth. Add those numbers together, then divide by pi. Then read through the list of twelve signs and decide which Demon is most familiar to you. That’s your demon sign. The number thing was just to reinforce basic math skills.

How can I determine my Demon Rising Sign?
Demon Rising Signs are mutable signs, which means that they often come and go. Some creatives will have several rising signs—that is, demons who like to pop in and derail your work for a while, then retreat.

What is your Demon Zodiac?
I like to think I’m a Stink-itarius with Success-icorn Rising.

I notice there’s no Creative Demon Zodiac entry on Wikipedia. Where can I read more?
I am the world’s leading and only authority on the Creative Demon Zodiac.

Okay! Now that we have THAT out of the way, let me get on to today’s section of the Water Demons (Drowning in Fear)

Stink-itarius: The Stink-itarious is scrupulous to a fault. He or she constantly feels that her work stinks; it can never, ever be good enough. This sign is usually extremely organized, perfectionistic, analytical, and creative. Unfortunately, Stink-itarii often kill their own ideas in infancy. They hide their work from the world, afraid that others will laugh at their attempts. They take first drafts and burn them in the fireplace, or rewrite the entire thing for twenty years and THEN burn them in the fireplace.
PROS: Stink-atarii believe in producing quality work.
CONS: Stink-atarii believe that they will never produce quality work, and don’t trust that the process will make their work better.
MOTTO: It can’t be that good if I did it.

Fraudo: The Fraudo believes that anyone who admires his or her work is mentally challenged. Fraudos believe that any success they have is unearned, and that any idea they have come up with must have been plagiarized. This sign is scrupulous, honest, interested in approval, and eager to create fresh, original work. But Fraudos have a difficult time enjoying success. The only reviews of their work that stick in their mind are negative ones.
PROS: Fraudos strive for originality.
CONS: Fraudos hold themselves back from exploring important works of others due to the fear that they will accidentally steal ideas.
MOTTO: Any positive review of my work was probably written by my mom.

Nobody Cares-icorn: The Nobody Cares-icorn is convinced that what he/ she has to say doesn’t matter. They think that their ideas are puny and unimportant. They think that being creative is self-indulgent, and that unless a work is going to be published/ shown in a gallery/ performed, it carries no weight. This sign is intelligent, often shows an interest in “highbrow” art forms, and interested in Big Ideas. The Nobody Cares-icorn is convinced that ordinary life is boring, and often secretly wishes that something horrible would happen to them (cancer, death of a loved one, alcoholism) so that they would have something Important to drive their creativity.
PROS: Nobody Cares-icorns care about universal/ important themes, like Love, Death, and Redemption.
CONS: Nobody Cares-icorns fail to see that the large is often reflected in the small. They miss the ideas that surround them everywhere, in their everyday lives.
MOTTO: I’m not tortured enough to be creative!

Next post will be on Avoidance Demons! 

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