Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Creative Demon Zodiac IV: Realism/ Earth Signs

 Photo by kongsky
Hello, again! It’s Creative Demon Zodiac Time! This week, we take on the Final Three of our signs: the “Realism” quadrant. Those born under these Demons are pressured to “Get Real” and “Get a Life.” Oh, Demons! You’re so practical.
Paycheckarion: Those born under the Paycheckarion sign are very concerned with Making a Living. Whenever they create Art, their demon loves to ask, “How will you earn money from that?” Then it looks at the yarn doll/ flower bouquet/ poem/ painting/ whatever and laughs smugly. For this sign, it all comes down to whether or not they can be shown the money. If no money is shown, better to spend their days as a drudge and passive fan of Dancing with the Stars than to waste time creating something that has zero objective monetary value. They sometimes experience excruciating whiplash when they convince themselves that their novel will be the next Hunger Games, only to despair when it is never even published.
PROS: Paycheckarii always have food to eat and a roof over their heads.
CONS: Paycheckarii are afraid to simply have fun with their work. They can’t see that the work has value in itself. Personal value.
MOTTO: “Show me the money!”
Selfishius: The Demons that rule the Selfishii love to tell them that making art is selfish. “There are starving people in the world!” is the message that tortures the Selfishii. “There are people who are forced to work hard labor—and there you are, making a mini-dinosaur out of polymer clay! Over-privileged and SELFISH!! You should be ashamed!” Those born under this Demon Sign are convinced that art is a bogus pastime, and that they would be better off doing something useful for humanity, like dentistry. They fear that—because they enjoy their work—that means that they are actually horrible people, unworthy to draw breath.
PROS: Selfishii are aware that the world is an often unfair, unjust place, and they want to be sure that the work they do doesn’t feed into iniquity.
CONS: Selfishii don’t realize that art feeds a hunger of the soul, and that—at its best—it is service, not self-service.
MOTTO: “Better to work for a cigarette manufacturer than to knit all day.”
Good-Enoughicorn: Those born under the Good-Enoughicorn tend to be cursed with facility. That is, they do a good enough job on the first time around that their work sells. They often earn a paycheck from their art. But the fact that their work is “good enough” keeps them from pushing themselves to the next level. “You’re earning a living,” their Demons whisper. “That’s the point, isn’t it? You don’t have time to make everything perfect.”
PROS: Good-Enoughicorns have talent, and enough drive to do good work.
CONS: Good-Enoughicorns have to demand criticism in order to take their work from good to great.
MOTTO: “Meh.”
In the coming weeks, look for predictions for each sign! See what the future of your sign holds…and more!

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